©2017 by Isabel Lee.


In nowadays society, bonding has become less significant. At the same time, as an international student, I realised that there is a difference in treating ‘relationship’ between Eastern and Western culture. Western communities are more focus on individual and independence, but Eastern communities are focusing on unity and bond.

This book is about human bonds in traditional Chinese culture. Through exploring the Chinese traditions and literature, the readers can understand more about the values of bond from the Chinese perspective and how these three bonds form a cycle in our life.


As paper cuts are known as one of the most famous folk art in China. In addition to the content of the book, there is also paper art designed based on the experience of bond from Chinese people from different age range. 

I choose paper cut as media is not simply because it is a folk art originated from China, but it’s also an art that bond people from different generation together as in the past, the grandmothers or other female members in the family will teach the younger generation (mainly girls) how to make paper cut.