©2017 by Isabel Lee.


I collected the life stories from my grandparents and based on their stories, I designed a monogram for each of them.


#Bold #Masculine #Chinese culture

For the design of my grandpa's monogram, I used the brushstroke from Chinese calligraphy to draw the letter. As my grandpa used to be a telegraph technician on ships, the circular shape creates links to the life rings and the circular windows on the ship. The rough edges and the causal flow of the lines convey his free-spirit which is seen as a masculine trait in traditional Chinese culture.


#Gentle #Open-minded #Emphasising 'textile'

For the design of my grandma's monogram, the 'S' creates imagery of fabric and the 'H' is formed by a 'needle' and a 'thread'. The smooth flow of the line conveys my grandma's gentleness