©2017 by Isabel Lee.

ISTD 2019


As an editorial outcome for ISTD, I have chosen ‘Lost’ as the theme for my outcome. To tackle the topic of ‘Lost’, I focused on the lost in mind and emotions. I designed a guidebook which provided emotional support for teenage girls who just get into puberty and are facing the changes and anxiety during adolescence based on the story of Alice in Wonderland.


I chose Alice in the Wonderland as the inspiration of my project because it is not just a fairy tale story, it includes a lot of symbolism and metaphors, and the story is about in the process of Alice changing from a girls to a teenager and how she overcame all these problem changes. I used the story of Alice in the Wonderland as the starting point of my book and Alice will be the main character of the book, and she is going to  go through the changes and the lost in puberty with the audience – teenager girls together.