©2017 by Isabel Lee.


A map of the awkward food combination in Japan

Based on the topic of culture and bonding, I designed a map to explore and communicate the weird ‘food partnership’ in Japan to the people from places outside Japan who are interested in Japanese culture and travelling. The map includes the images and origin of the food combination and some descriptions of it.


The pattern was inspired by ramen and chopsticks from Japan since ramen is a significant food which can represent Japan and chopsticks are the main utensil that Japanese people use every day.


Since the map is designed based on Japanese culture, for the choice of the colours used, I followed the traditional colour system that is used in Japan. Beside the colour used, foxes also become and symbolic icon in this design as in Japanese mythology, Inari Okami is the goddess of food and harvest, and Japanese people believe that foxes are the messenger of the goddess. Therefore, foxes become the symbol that represents Inari Okami.