©2017 by Isabel Lee.


"This object may sound mediocre to you, but it tells my story."

In this society where technology is around us, it becomes an important part of our daily life. However, besides all those digital gadgets, what is the object that is essential to us which we can’t live without it?

To celebrate the interesting bond between an object and its owner, I had asked people from different groups (7 month-old to 61-year-old) about the things that they live without it and the reasons why this object is so important to them. I combined all these stories together and form this book.


"All those objects may be mediocre, but every one of them has a story behind them which make it so important to someone who owns it. Those objects can be something that has special meaning to us in certain stages of lives, but when we grow, it may not be as unique and important to us as they are in the past."